Enterprises sparring with creatives

The Sustainability


But what can I do?

Work with a creative and train yourself!

Find a new sustainable vision under the influence of artistic methods.

Entrepreneurs as well as artists have something in common: They are creative in their thinking and are always looking to re-describe and discover the world.
The EU Green Deal and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals not only challenge enterprises to act, but also open up a new scope of action for creatives.

The Sustainability Gym offers an unique approach in which you as company get the chance to define a new sustainable vision of your economic activities by sparring with creatives!

Artists and creatives respond to complexity, uncertainty and insecurity with reflection and passion, curiosity and freedom as well as resilient flexibility.

Earth positive economy

Train the ability to sustain!

Are you a company? The water level is rising…

Three phases program

Learn more about our Sustainability Gym program and what’s in for you!

First phase

Appeal to the sense of responsibility…

Second phase

Set up a training space!

Third phase

Train your sustainable strategies!

First Phase

We appeal to the sense of responsibility of entrepreneurs, industry, artists and creatives to start a conversation about sustainable change!

  • of entrepreneurs and companies towards the planet to save resources and motivate society to consume sustainably!
  • of artists and creatives towards society and the ability to make people feel to stimulate environmental awareness!
Let´s team up and combine our potentials!

Second Phase

The community space for sustainable development in industrial areas

We set up a sustainable training space!
Companies are often stuck in their everyday structures, which makes it difficult to create a free space that generates new creative approaches and solutions.

Routines lead to passive actions, which are the biggest obstacle for sustainable change. Thus, a first approach lies in creating space to formulate new sustainable routines and train them for and in everyday working life.


The starting point is to create a new, „neutral“ training space for sustainable development that has nothing to do with the company’s own premises.


It is a space to be build up in a central location in industrial parks. It will be a 15 qm yellow greenhouse, which we will opened as a training area for the surrounding companies.


We will install the first pilot Sustainability Gym at the Noorderpoort industrial park in Venlo. Companies on location are for example Rabobank, Carglass and a motorcycle dealer.

Quick Launch

The opening, as well as the presentation of the concept, will take place in September in a three-week expo. We will start the first Utopia-Workshop on the topic of „Trade-Routes of the Future“ by then.



Third Phase

Utopia Workshops

Sustainable action has to be learned, like a team-sport. It requires motivation, training and dedication.

Our shared aim is to break down the complexity and abstraction of climate change into small(er) visions for the future that can be fitted into the daily rhythm of companies!

open conversation


Introduction to sustainability goals, EU Green deal challenges and value orientation.

creative processing

activate creativity

Training with creatives the flow of intuition.

first sustainable steps

hands-on solutions

From intuitive action to reflected correction.


Let's start a conversation!

Would you like to learn more about the Sustainability GYM or are you interested in installing it in your work environment? Then feel free to contact us!

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    This project is part of the AIR program „Nieuwe Uitzichten“ and supported by the Museum Van Bommel van Dam and duurzame bedrijventerreinen, Venlo NL.